1668 GEOMETRIC (22 x 28)

Hooked by Alice Fraizer

1668 Geometric was hooked by Alice Fraizer of Lexington, Ohio.  This is an amazing rug.  All of the “starburst” motifs are hooked in paisley.  Alice had a good collection of them and so we were able to do slightly different color stories in each one.


Image- 1790 Eagle by Ellie Beck

1790 Eagle (26 x 38)

Hooked by Ellie Beck

This 1790 Eagle was hooked by Ellie Beck of Madison, Wisconsin. The border on this rug is absolutely wonderful. Ellie’s soft colors and the way she moved them around the rug are super. Also love the eagle, and background. Very nice.


image- Adam and Eve Sampler by Kathy Brooks

Adam and Eve Sampler (33 x 52)

Hooked by Kathy Brooks

Hooked by Kathy Brooks. This is a GREAT rug. The history behind the design and Kathy’s color choices are great. Her movement of the blues is super.


Image- All Hearts by Joanne Speranza

All Hearts (13″ Round)

Hooked by Joanne Speranza

A small happy mat. You can do any color combination with this little treasure. Joanne Speranza, one of Barb’s hookers, did this with a “happy heart”!


Band Box Squirrels (21 x 32) by Dee Casper

Band Box Squirrels (21 x 32)

Hooked by Dee Casper

Dee’s rug is very fun. Love the different darks for the squirrels and the plaids in their tails. Very neat – the rust trees sort of “top” off the rug.


Image- Berry Tree by Jayne Hester

Berry Tree (14 x 18)

Hooked by Jayne Hester

Jayne Hester of Kinderhook, New York, hooked this Berry Tree as a gift to Barb. HOORAY! Her hit ‘n’ miss green background is wonderful. And I love the speckled star. Thanks, Jayne.


Image- Birds & Pomegranates by Barbara Lindt

Birds & Pomegranates (37 x 67, 28 x 50,  23 x 41)

Hooked by Barbara Lindt

I never get tired of this rug. So many ways to color plan and always a super adventure – the blues/rusts and greens play off of each other so well. Odd – but please note that the “beauty line”, softens the center of the rug and lets all of the colors rest together.

Image- Bless This Cape by Amy Burks

Bless This Cape (30 x 40)

Hooked by Amy Burks

The “whites” in the trees, roof top and windows are all fleece that Amy spun. Adds an interesting dimension to her rug. Very fun.


Image- Bless This House by Jeannine Dougherty

Bless This House (30 x 44)

Hooked by Jeannine Dougherty

Hooked by Jeannine Dougherty. Again, the dark background is super. The movement of Jeannine’s trees give a lot of interest to the rug. Thanks Jeannine.


Image- Candle Mat by Keith Kemmer

Candle Mat (9 x 17)

Hooked by Keith Kemmer

As Keith would say “sweet” – and this rug is definitely sweet. Simple color play and easy to use any where.


Image- Chalkware Birds by Paula Fenter

Chalkware Birds (23 x 31)

Hooked by Paula Fenter

Paula Fenter of Tyler, Texas, hooked this Chalkware Birds. Just a striking rug. Love the softness of the birds and the reds and golds in the roping and the area under the birds.


Image- Cricket Ship by Rebecca Calderwood

Cricket Ship (7 x 11)

Hooked by Rebecca Calderwood 

Rebecca Calderwood of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, hooked the second Cricket Ship. This is so soft and old. Becky’s sky sets off her sails and they look as though they are “billowing.”


Image- Cricket Whale by Keith Kemmer

Cricket Whale (7 x 11) 

Hooked by Keith Kemmer

A charming small mat, love the sparkle around the wool and the wonderful teal scallop.


Image- Deer Runner by Crystal Brown

Deer Runner (19 x 52)

Hooked by Crystal Brown

Hooked by Crystal Brown of Washington, Pennsylvania. Crystal’s use of the reds in this rug is super. Very neat spark! Crystal is a fun lady.


Image- Felicia's Lamb by Amy Burks

Felicia’s Lamb (13 x 15)

Hooked by Amy Burks

Amy Burks of Delmont, Pennsylvania, hooked this Felicia’s Lamb. This is Amy’s first rug and she has no problem with color. Note the wonderful plaid Lamb. Just great on this red background.


Image- Flame #1 by Betty Bennett

Flame #1 (16 x 20)

Hooked by Betty Bennett

Hooked by Betty Bennett, Ligonier, Pennsylvania. The graphic colors of this small rug are wonderful. Betty had it made into a pillow. Great to curl up with and hook something else!


Image- Flame #2 by Betty Bennett

Flame #2 (16 x 20)

Hooked by Betty Bennett

Hooked by Betty Bennett, Ligonier, Pennsylvania. Again this one is made into a pillow also. Very wonderful strong color story. Note the use of the golds, purples and reds.


Image- Fresh Eggs by Amy Burke

Fresh Eggs (25 x 28)

Hooked by Amy Burke

This is a very playful rug. Love the colors, background and the wool for Fresh Eggs. Big time fun!


Image- Fruit Theorem by Dixie Coyle

Fruit Theorem (30 x 51)

Hooked by Dixie Coyle 

Hooked by Dixie Coyle of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Dixie worked with Edyth on this rug. The two of them certainly created an awesome rug. The feeling of the actual theorem is wonderful. Dixie’s basket is soft and old and plays with the greens in the leaves. Love the old dark background.


Image- House Blessing by Annette Alessio

House Blessing (14 x 28)

Hooked by Annette Alessio

Hooked by Annette Allessio of Fairmont, West Virginia. Again, look at the hair. Just fun to hook, and her wings are neat too.


Image- Ipswich by Paula Fenter

Ipswich (28 x 35)

Hooked by Paula Fenter

Paula Fenter of Tyler, Texas, hooked this rug. This is one of the most beautiful Ipswich rugs I have seen. Very elegant and with a perfect balance of colors. This is Paula’s fifth rug! Hooray!




Image- Kent Primitive by Crystal Brown

Kent Primitive (12 x 12)

Hooked by Crystal Brown

Hooked by Crystal Brown of Washington, Pennsylvania. Crystal’s leaves have a wonderful glow about them which is “mirrored in the golds” in this mat.


Image- Lion by Judy Carter

Lion (38 x 47)

Hooked by Judy Carter

Judy Carter of Willow Street, Pennsylvania, hooked this Lion. Judy’s ability to create a soft yet powerful lion with a wonderful “frame” of the leaves is just great. Just a stunning rug.



Image- Little Red Cape by Carol Rahall

Little Red Cape (12 x 18)

Hooked by Carol Rahall

Hooked by Carol Rahall of Mansfield, Ohio. Old, simple and good. I love the way Carol outlined the tree to keep it from “falling into the background.”


Image- Mittens by Julie Thornton

Mittens (14 x 14)

Hooked by Julie Thornton

Hooked by Julie Thornton, Shelby, Ohio. These mittens look like they have seen lots of “play time.” Very fun!


Image- Nantucket Welcome by Paulene Callahan

Nantucket Welcome (14 x 28)

Hooked by Paulene Callahan

Paulene Callahan hooked this rug. Paulene’s background is super – the glow of the pineapple with the reds in the basket and border create a very welcoming feeling.


Image- New Bedford Hearth Rug by Sharron Nelson

New Bedford Hearth Rug (22 1/2 x 42)

Hooked by Sharron Nelson

Hooked by Sharron Nelson’s mother Virginia. Love the way Virginia hooked the whale and the softness of the waves are perfect with the whale.


Image- Newburyport by Keith Kemmer

Newburyport (30 x 44)

Hooked by Keith Kemmer

Keith Kemmer of Waterford, Michigan, hooked this rug. An exciting rug. Simple with a super message. Love the way that Keith hooked the angel and the bits of color in the outer background. The center background is wonderful. Almost like rays coming from the weathervane.


Image- Ohio Coverlet by Crystal Brown

Ohio Coverlet (28 x 42)

Hooked by Crystal Brown

Hooked by Crystal Brown, Washington, Pennsylvania. I think the way that Crystal hooked this to look like an actual coverlet is big fun. Notice her graduation of the different colors in the birds.


Image- Old Chalk Deer by Jenny Rupp

Old Chalk Deer (29 x 36)

Hooked by Jenny Rupp

Hooked by Jenny Rupp of West Chester, Ohio. Jenny’s scrolls halo the deer and her border then halo’s the scrolls. A great rug – and be sure to look close to see how this all works together.


Image- Old Friends by Dianne Klamik

Old Friends (9 x 14)

Hooked by Dianne Klamik

Hooked by Dianne Klamik of South Lyon, Michigan. Her blue windows and the “speckle” wool between her background and border is super. Thanks Dianne.


Image- Partridge by Jan Den Herder

Partridge (16 x 21)

Hooked by Jan Den Herder

Jan Den Herder of Paulding, Ohio, hooked this rug. A small treasure. The teal bird is framed with the beautiful golds and the red background



Image- Partridge Duo by Robin Wilson

Partridge Duo (22 x 46)

Hooked by Robin Wilson

Hooked by Robin Wilson. The way Robin hooked the peacefulness of the birds in the lovely paisleys is great. Just a neat, neat rug.


Image- Peace on Earth by Gail Tuller

Peace on Earth (36″ Half Round)

Hooked by Gail Tuller

Gail Tuller of Novi, Michigan, hooked this rug. Crisp and clear, and delivering the perfect message. Gail’s sheep and lion are very forward and help to deliver the message. The lightness of the background is perfect.


Image- Plaid Rabbit by Julie Thornton

Plaid Rabbit (14 x 18)

Hooked by Julie Thornton

Hooked by Julie Thornton. Small, fun and whimsical. Julie’s background and the tail of that bunny are wonderful.


Image- Primitive Star by Edyth O'Neill

Primitive Star (13″ Round)

Hooked by Edyth O’Neill

Hooked by Edyth O’Neill. Edyth’s reds are so warm and friendly. Makes you think you got a hug!


Image- Pumpkin House by Mary Ann Gearinger

Pumpkin House (13 x 14)

Hooked by Mary Ann Gearinger

Mary Ann Gearinger hooked this Pumpkin House. This small pattern is always fun, especially when the house is a pumpkin color. Good for Mary Ann.


Image- Quilter's Basket by Julie Thornton

Quilter’s Basket (14 x 14)

Hooked by Julie Thornton

Julie Thornton, Shelby, Ohio, hooked this Quilter’s Basket. Julie’s background is absolutely wonderful. You need to keep your baskets simple to do this. And she did! Great.


Image- Quilter's Cabin by Jayne Hester

Quilter’s Cabin (12 x 12)

Hooked by Jayne Hester

Jayne Hester, Kinderhook, New York, hooked this Quilter’s Cabin. Her background is hit ‘n’ miss camels and her grass is hit ‘n’ miss greens. Just a neat little rug that can be created with lots of your leftover strips.



Image- Rooster Mat by Edyth O'Neill

Rooster Mat (13″ Round)

Hooked by Edyth O’Neill

Hooked by Edyth O’Neill. More red and so Edyth. Just cheery and wonderful.


Image- Roosters by Ethel Storck

Roosters (26 x 39)

Hooked by Ethel Storck

What a wonderful and striking rug this is. So graphic and yet keeps the fun of the Roosters. Love the red background.


Image- Salem Hearts by Robin Carroll

Salem Hearts (12 x 28)

Hooked by Robin Carroll

Hooked by Robin Carroll (Barb’s daughter). A sweetheart of a small rug – reds, greens, golds with a deep dark background is stunning.


Image- Sarah's Cat by Beth Pearce

Sarah’s Cat (12 x 12)

Hooked by Beth Pearce

Hooked by Beth Pearce of Malvern, Ohio. A super fun small mat. The hit ‘n’ miss cat is just super. Also note the border. Beth hooked a great muted plaid in the border by hooking the sections of the plaid pattern as they actually are in the original wool fabric. A super fun way to hook a border.


Image- Saugus by Paula Fenter

Saugus (48 x 73)

Hooked by Paula Fenter

Hooked by Paula Fenter of Tyler, Texas. A great focal point for any room, the colors are just perfect together and the bright red in the center anchors the rug.


Image- Schooner by Bev Cole

Schooner (35 x 45)

Hooked by Bev Cole

Hooked by Bev Cole of Centerville, Ohio. Old Glory at its best. The teal water under the boat is super and plays beautifully against the ship.


Image- Sea Fever by Barbara Estridge

Sea Fever (28 x 40)

Hooked by Barbara Estridge

Hooked by Barbara Estridge of Auburn, Alabama. This is a great rug. Barbara’s star is very special and I love the waves too.


Image- Sky Pony by Nancy Thompson

Sky Pony (26 x 34)

Hooked by Nancy Thompson

Hooked by Nancy Thompson of Athens, Georgia. The movement of the background in this rug is neat. You just know that horse is “moving as fast as he can!” Fun to hook and definitely wonderful rug.


Image- Tavern Sign by Edyth O'Neill

Tavern Sign (23 x 35)

Hooked by Edyth O’Neill

Hooked by my great friend Edyth O’Neill. Her background is wonderful: the simplicity of this rug is a great place to play with the background. The way she outlined the shape of the tavern sign highlights the rug.


Image- The Star's Light by Diane Lestina

The Star’s Light (36″ Half Round)

Hooked by Diane Lestina

Hooked by Diane Lestina (Barb’s daughter – Hi Honey) of College Station, Texas. Diane hooked this for a great friend for Christmas. Love her red star and the deer – truly the the words. So perfect for the season.


Image- Three Bags Full by Edyth O'Neill

Three Bags Full (24 x 30)

Hooked by Edyth O’Neill 



Image- Thy Kingdom Come by Sue McCann

Thy Kingdom Come (30 x 39)

Hooked by Sue McCann

Thy Kingdom Come was hooked by Sue McCann of Davidsville, Pennsylvania. The teal lamb is remarkable – almost like a “rainbow of color” from above. Simple and the message is perfect. Sue’s lion is hooked from a great stripe wool that just plays around and makes magic happen.


Image- Trotter on the Barn by Edyth O'Neill

Trotter on the Barn (31 x 43)

Hooked by Edyth O’Neill

Hooked by Edyth O’Neill. Do you not just love Edyth’s background. Her horse is awesome also. The way Edyth uses the different values is grand. A lot to be learned from her.


Image- Tulip Runner by Patty Rogers

Tulip Runner (18 x 77)

Hooked by Patty Rogers

Hooked by Patty Rogers of Kenmore, Washington. Hooray! I love the graciousness and simplicity that Patty has created. The way she has moved her reds and golds is super.


Image- Vermont Hearts by Edyth O'Neill

Vermont Hearts (13″ Round)

Hooked by Edyth O’Neill



Image- Weavers Lion by Edyth O'Neill

Weavers Lion (13 x 17)

Hooked by Edyth O’Neill

A new pattern for 2009, designed and hooked by Edyth O’Neill. Be sure to notice Edyth’s wonderful background. Also the soft glow of gold around the lion. An artist my wonderful friend Edyth is and this carries into her rug hooking beautifully.


Image- Wedding Fraktur by Beth Anne Smiley

Wedding Fraktur (29 x 39)

Hooked by Beth Anne Smiley

Hooked by Beth Anne Smiley of Davenport, IA hooked this delightful EON rug. Love the look of an “Autumn” day and the warmth of the rug which is carried through with her dress and the windows in the church. Note how Beth Anne outlined the dark areas of her trees to stand up against the “grass”. Very neat.


Image- Woolley Fox by Barb Carroll

Woolley Fox (30 x 42)

Hooked by Barb Carroll

Hooked by Barb Carroll. Thanks to Edyth for the gift of this wonderful rug. I do love the reddish/rust foxes.


Image- Yellow Basket by Bonnie Smith

Yellow Basket (14 x 18)

Hooked by Bonnie Smith

Hooked by Bonnie Smith, one of Barb’s students from Maryland.