Image - American Cat (28 x 36) by Carol Endres

American Cat (28 x 36) 

Hooked by Deste Arthurton

Deste Arthurton of Roswell, Georgia, hooked this rug. Love the whitish stars and moon. Sort of “spooky”! The play of gold is fun and makes the cat sort of dance. Note that the top left corner is a reverse of the other three. Very fun color play in the border.


Image - American Fish (23 x 37) by Carol Endres

American Fish (23 x 37) 

Hooked by Janice Johnson

Hooked by Janice Johnson of Missouri. She is a student of Emma Lou Lais. I think they did a great job with this pattern. Note that the same colors were used in the words and in the top border. This keeps the color balance even. Also note that the wool used in the flag for the “blue with stars” is a blue and white check. Gives a great impression of blue with stars, and not so much work. A nifty tip.


Image - Angels Tread Here (14 x 23) by Carol Endres

Angels Tread Here (14 x 23)

Hooked by Sharron Nelson

Hooked by Sharron Nelson of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This rug just hooks up old and neat. A simple design that is adaptable to any color. Sharron used a slightly lighter color in her border than her background. A reverse of the one above.


Image - Berry Basket (32 x 28) by Carol Endres

Berry Basket (32 x 28) 

Hooked by Carol Daugherty

Hooked by Carol Daugherty of Indiana. Three of my favorite things about this rug are the wool she used for the line between the background and the border, her basket and her berries. Thanks, Carol.


Image - Buzzin' Around (23 x 31) by Carol Endres

Buzzin’ Around (23 x 31) 

Hooked by Mary Lynne Naples

Mary Lynne Naples of Lancaster, Pennsylvania hooked this Buzzin’ Around. A fun rug to hook and I do love the white bee hives. Notice the colorful cross lines in the hive. Very fanciful and happy.


Image - Cat Mint (28 x 22) by Carol Endres

Cat Mint (28 x 22)

Hooked by Beth Stitely

Hooked by Beth Stitely (lovingly known as “Purple Beth”) of Boonsboro, Maryland. Notice her border – one plaid and just perfect with the rug.


Image - Eight is Enough (24 x 63) by Carol Endres

Eight is Enough (24 x 63)

Hooked by Bonnie Waltz

Hooked by Bonnie Waltz of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Bonnie had a GREAT time with Barb’s book American Folk Art Rug.


Image - Flower Basket (26 x 26) by Carol Endres

Flower Basket (26 X 26) 

Hooked by Nancy Tiernan

A delightful floral, hooked by Nancy Tiernan of Pennsylvania. Nancy brought the center flower colors out to the border which makes your eye see the whole rug at one time. Her background is a mixture of three lights. It’s great!


Image - Flying High (26 x 36) by Carol Endres

Flying High (26 X 26)

Hooked by Trisha Burberry

Trisha Burberry of Harrodsburg, Kentucky, hooked this Flying High. Big time fun – the flag on the roof is neat and note the trees. A GREAT fun plaid was used for the fill of the trees. The color play of the reds and greens is always good.


Image - Fruit Bowl (13 x 27) by Carol Endres

Fruit Bowl (13 x 27)

Hooked by Mary Ann Gearinger

Hooked by Mary Ann Gearinger of Frederick, Maryland. A small treasure. Note the one red pair on the right. Love the bowl and bird too. Creates a spark of happiness.


Image - January Sheep (51 x 45) by Cindi McCullough

January Sheep (51 x 45)

Hooked by Cindi McCullough

Hooked by Cindi McCullough of Tyler, Texas. Says Cindi to me “think blue bonnets and spring in Texas” and so we did. And now we have “April Sheep”. The bright spring greens with the blue sky and blue bonnets is great. The tips of the trees are hooked in a wonderful pink and green plaid, so of like the trees are blooming. Very nice Cindi.


Image - Lady Liberty Angel (23 x 26) by Theresa Lasichak

Lady Liberty Angel (23 x 26)

Hooked by Theresa Lasichak

Hooked by Theresa Lasichak of Butler, Pennsylvania. Notice her corner treatment. Very interesting and neat. I also like the way she hooked her background by “echoing” the angel. Done in all red, whites and blue she is ready for the 4th.


Let It Snow (27 x 29) by Judy Carter

Let It Snow (27 x 29)

Hooked by Judy Carter

A new design for 2008, was hooked by Judy Carter of Willow Street, Pennsylvania. The dark background highlights the cheerful faces of the these snow people. Love the “pink” tassel on the snow girls hat.


Image - Liberty Lineup (16 x 35) by Judy Carter

Liberty Lineup (16 x 35)

Hooked by Judy Carter

This delightful rug was hooked by Judy Carter, Willow Street, Pennsylvania, during a Woolley Fox mini-workshop. I love everything about this rug starting with the design. I think the cats are big time fun and her whiskers are just more fun. Thanks to Carol for this happy design and to Judy for hooking it.


Image - No Dry Mittens (21 x 57) by Sondra Lettrich

No Dry Mittens (21 x 57) 

Hooked by Sondra Lettrich

Hooked by Sondra Lettrich of Greensburg, Pennsylvania. The mittens are a great place to use up lots of your leftover strips. They are definitely a cheery couple on a winter day.


Image - Poo Cat (17 x 17) by Carol Endres

Poo Cat (17 x 17)

Hooked by Abby

Hooked for my granddaughter Abby, at her request for her new bedroom in College Station Texas. I asked her what color cat, “Black” says she. This was wonderful fun to hook, small and a real delight. This cat can be any color you want and then have a great time with the border.


Image - Pumpkin Hollow (33 x 22) by Carol Endres

Pumpkin Hollow (33 x 22)

Hooked by JoAnn Refkin

A new pattern for 2008 hooked by JoAnn Refkin, Clayton, Indiana. This simple pattern speaks FALL loud and clear. Very happy!


Image - Pumpkin Patch (13 x 47) by Carol Endres

Pumpkin Patch (13 x 47)

Hooked by Annette Cochran

I love the different colors of the pumpkins. Note that there are five different colors, but this is kept simple by symmetrical placement of the colors. 


Rainbow Cabin (16 x 23)

Rainbow Cabin (16 x 23)

Hooked by Barb Carroll

A delightful small rug designed from one of Carol’s log houses. The wide chinking is super and makes the log house lighter in appearance. Very fun and quick to hook. A very fun small project which has been designed from a Carol Endres log house. I love her chinking which is wider than the logs. Lots of fun. A hit ‘n’ miss rainbow is the NUTS!


Image - Ring Around the Posie (23 x 28) by Carol Endres

Ring Around the Posie (23 x 28)

Hooked by Doris Mullen

Hooked by Doris Mullen of Ligonier, Pennsylvania. This is a wonderful native rug. I love the house in the middle of the much larger posies. Doris did not hook in the border line and I think that just makes a wonderful statement.


Image - Seven Little Snowmen (17 x 54) by Carol Endres

Seven Little Snowmen (17 x 54)

Hooked by Teresa McKinney

Hooked by Teresa McKinney of Topeka Kansas. What a GREAT job she did with this rug. I love the stars, the primitive snowmen and the sky which is a blue wool with flecks of white in it. Looks just as if the snow is falling. The red bird is one of Teresa’s favorite things about this rug.


Image - Sky Bound (22 x 62) by Carol Endres

Sky Bound (22 X 62) 

Hooked by Brenda Williams

Brenda Williams of Valatie, New York, hooked this rug. Her background is wonderful and I truly like the way the angels’ wings are sort of outlined with a wool close to the background. Thanks, Brenda.


Image - Star Spangled Banner (47 x 12) by Carol Endres

Star Spangled Banner (47 x 12) 

Hooked by Patricia Ross

Patricia Ross of Wimberly, Texas, hooked this Star Spangled Banner. Her stars are outlined with the same wool, and then two different wools were used for the fill. Neat look. I love the tree also.


Image - Sugar Pumpkin (17 x 18) by Carol Endres

Sugar Pumpkin (17 x 18)

Hooked by Kay Morning

Kay Morning of Dallas, TX hooked this Sugar Pumpkin. A white pumpkin – what could be better? The spark of the bird just is perfect for this small treasure.


Image - Tom (22 x 23) by Carol Endres

Tom (22 X 23)

Hooked by Alice Frazier

He is a kick! A great graphic rug!


Image - Welcome Ewe (28 x 20) by Carol Endres

Welcome Ewe (28 x 20)

Hooked by Leslie Wilks

A fun and simple rug. Stars and sheep just about says it all. Hooked by Leslie Wilks of Franklin, Pennsylvania.


Image - Where's Jonah (21 x 35) by Carol Endres

Where’s Jonah (21 x 35)

Hooked by Mary Ann Gearinger

Mary Ann Gearinger of Frederick, Maryland, hooked this Where’s Jonah?. Mary Ann’s whale is so great with her background. The splashes of red around the rug are neat.


Image - Winter Sampler (30 x 70) by Carol Endres

Winter Sampler (30 x 70)

Hooked by Gail Tuller

Gail Tuller of Novi, Michigan, hooked this Winter Sampler. Her rug is VERY fun. Winter, wonderful, and whimsical. Really brings out the joy of the snow. Thanks Gail.


Image - Wool Barn (36 x 43) by Carol Endres

Wool Barn (36 x 43)

Hooked by Betty Bennett

Hooked by Betty Bennett of Ligonier, Pennsylvania. Betty’s stone wall contains some wool from her husband’s britches. Fun to use “special memories” in a rug.


Image - Woolley Wool Keeper (28 x 25) by Carol Endres

Woolley Wool Keeper (28 x 25)

Hooked by Alice Fraizer

Alice Fraizer of Lexington, Ohio, hooked this Woolley Wool Keeper. Lots of fun colors and spark in this rug. Makes you smile every time.